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Greetings and welcome neighbors and visitors.

Here’s the story.  And I’m sticking to it.

As the new editor of the website, I am in the process of learning how to effectively utilize this tool.  My goal is to have this site serve as “information central” for all of us. It will serve as an ongoing means of communication for all of us who live here as well as those who might like to learn about living here.

At present, our newsletter is the vehicle that tells us what is going on.  I  want to begin by saying that the newsletter that Melissa created for May/June was OUTSTANDING!  In my opinion, it set a very high standard for the web site editor and for all of us who are involved in this organization.  Thanks, Melissa.

The operational difficulty for the newsletter editor is to try to be appropriately informative and TIMELY. The newsletter schedule allows publishing once every two months so there is quite an information gap in trying to be current but to still cover important events.  She cannot effectively tell you of events that are happening in the very near term.  For example, there was a wonderful family event at Fox Island yesterday and today, Sat. May 4 and Sunday, May 5 that our new newsletter editor, Melissa, really wanted to tell you about.  However, she had to make some decisions about what was most important to tell you and it didn’t make the cut because of the timeliness factor that is in the nature of printed material.  It takes time to put the content together appropriately, to get it to the printers and turned around takes time, then it takes time for the newsletters to actually get in to the hands of all of the delivery volunteers and then it takes time for those volunteers to place the newsletter on your doorstep.  So this event, which Melissa and her husband, Matt, highly recommended to my wife, Caryl and myself, and to which we all went was necessarily left out of the newsletter which you may have already received or not.  So there you have the “why” of some of the newsletter editor’s decisions.

This is the gap that I seek to fill.  Stay tuned in and you’ll be able to see the upgrades:  we’ll get the old newsletter link going; we’ll have a current events section; a neighbors comments, blogging, section;  and some other features that we’ll surprise you with.  So stay tuned we’re just getting going.

Sean Collentine,  May 5, 2013

PS.  The blogging feature sounds like a great idea to me, but I’ll have to find someone who knows what it is! I think that it will be one of you who is under 60 (unlike me).  But we’ll get it done. Give me a call at 710-3332 if you can help.

Welcome to Historic Oakdale!

stock004.jpgOakdale Historic District is a charming old neighborhood nestled in the southwest corner of Fort Wayne, Indiana and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in September of 2000. History stands still, just a little, when you look past all of the beautiful, mature trees and see many magnificent examples of early 20th century architecture, including Craftsman, Bungalow, Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, American Foursquare and even a few Cape Cod Cottages. The district’s homes were built with character and quality you simply don’t find in today’s modern homes.

The Neighborhood

In the heart of it all lays the namesake of the neighborhood—Oakdale Avenue—lined with majestic, century-old Oak trees and flanked with lighted pillars built of stone masonry. During the autumn months, residents enjoy strolling down the quiet sidewalks through the bustle of leaves, once in a while feeling the slight crunch of an acorn underfoot. Neighbors enjoy greeting and conversing with each other while relaxing on their porches or patios, just like in decades past.



stock003.jpgThis is a place with an active neighborhood association, where the residents really care about reviving, restoring and preserving the historic details of their homes and surroundings. Many residents become involved by attending the monthly association meetings and volunteering for fundraisers, such as the Historic Home Tours, Street Festivals or the annual old-fashioned Holiday Tree Sale.


The area around Historic Oakdale offers a variety of great local businesses such as Albright’s Meats & Deli,  Mad Anthony Brewing,  several fine Mexican food restaurants and – some would say “Our best ice cream asset -  Zesto’s” at Broadway and Creighton.

We have many churches in the immediate area, numerous large and small businesses and one of the city’s most beautiful parks, Foster Park & Golf Course.


Foster Park Flowers attract a Monarch butterfly.